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BOC Sciences offers synthetic polyethylene glycol modification and bioconjugation services by site specific ligation of PEG to peptides, proteins, oligonucleotides, antibodies, lectins, enzymes, toxins, drugs or other small molecules. Our knowledge, skills and capabilities will put your project on the right track and provide an enhanced value proposition.


PEGylation is the process of covalent and non-covalent attachment or merging of polymer chains with molecules and macrostructures (such as drugs, therapeutic proteins, or vesicles). PEG polymers have many inherent good biological properties, including high water solubility and lack of toxicity, immunogenicity and antigenicity. Therefore, in many applications, the chemical modification of bioactive compounds, such as peptides, antibody fragments, enzymes or small molecules with polyethylene glycol chain, so called PEGylation, usually leads to improved pharmacokinetics and biological function.

PEGylation technology has evolved for decades since 1970s and has been successfully used for marketed therapeutic solutions. Over 10 PEGylated biotherapeutics have been approved in the United States and Europe.


  • PEG increases the therapeutic value of peptides and proteins. PEG acts as a barrier to protect biopolymers from protein hydrolysis,.
  • Increasing the total molecular weight, thereby increasing the cycle half-life.
  • By limiting the uptake of dendritic cells to reduce immunogenicity (PEG itself is non-immunogenicity) and increase the solubility of proteins.
  • PEG polymers can be used to regulate the cycle half-life and solubility of conjugated compounds of PEG- drugs.

Our Services

With years of experience in bioconjugation services, BOC Sciences provides a full spectrum of quality solutions, from single reagents to comprehensive PEGylation service, to meet your specific needs.

  • Linear Activated PEGs
  • Multi-arm PEG conjugation
  • Branched PEG conjugation
  • Homologous bifunctional and heterofunctional PEGs conjugation
  • Comb-Shaped Copolymers
  • Discrete and variable length PEG cross-linking agents

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