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Metabolic photoreactive cross-linking technology is a powerful weapon to study the interaction mechanism between biological macromolecules, the structure and function of complexes, and promote the research progress in the field of biology. As a leading service provider in the field of drug discovery and research, BOC Sciences currently provide a majority of photoreactive crosslinking services to meet your needs.


Photocrosslinking refers to the chemical reaction in which small molecular ligands form covalent bonds with biological macromolecules under the action of light. The photolysis occurs after the compound is irradiated, or when part of the bond is opened, the activated molecules such as free radicals are bonded to each other, which leads to the reaction that the polymer chain forms a network structure. This kind of reaction is widely used in pharmaceutical chemistry, chemical biology, biochemistry and other fields.


Benzophenone groups, azido groups and diacridine groups with photoreactive cross-linking activity are widely used in the modification of sugars, amino acids and other metabolic substrates. By using the metabolic mechanism of biology and introducing substrate analogues with photoreaction cross-linking groups, the interaction between biological macromolecules can be studied in situ and in real time, and more accurate information of interacting complexes can be obtained.

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