Biotin Labeled Proteins

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Our proprietary collection of biotinylated proteins is specifically designed to simplify your research. These biotin-labeled proteins are generated using single-point labeling and chemical labeling techniques developed internally and show excellent bioactivity and high detection sensitivity. As a leading service provider in the field of drug discovery and research, BOC Sciences aggressively seeks to develop new technologies to assist clients in developing new bioconjugate reagents for their sensitive detection applications and provide biotin label services.


In biochemistry, biotinylated proteins are the covalent binding products of biotin and proteins and other macromolecular substances. The affinity of biotin-avidin is at least one million times higher than that of antigen-antibody, which is the strongest affinity substance in nature. Therefore, biotin-avidin system has been widely used in immunodiagnostic. At the same time, because of the emergence of biotinylated protein, it also simplifies the process and improves the efficiency similar to WB experiment. In addition, the small size of biotin (MW = 244.31g/mol) did not affect the natural function of the protein itself. Therefore, it has the advantages of high affinity, high specificity and high sensitivity at the same time. At present, it is widely used in many fields of biotechnology.


Biotin-avidin system is widely used in flow cytometry, fluorescence imaging, Western blotting and ELISA detection to increase signal output and higher sensitivity. Fluorescent conjugates of avidin or streptavidin are used to detect biotinylated biomolecules. An enzyme conjugate of avidin or streptavidin, usually used in Western blotting, ELISA, and in situ hybridization imaging. Avidin or streptavidin conjugated magnetic beads and resins can be used to isolate proteins, cells and DNA, can also be used for immunoassay or biological screening.

Our Advantages

  • Biotinylation occurs only on specific site
  • It does not interfere with the natural binding activity of the target protein.
  • When immobilized on the surface of the avidin protein coating, the orientation of the protein is uniform.
  • Excellent biological activity.
  • Higher detection sensitivity.
  • The high quality recombinant protein closest to natural conformation and modification as the starting material.
  • Examining the options to achieve the highest bioactivity and detection sensitivity.
  • Analytical HPLC and MS analyses are performed in every development cycle.

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Project Workflow

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