Luminex Bead Labeled Antibody

* Please kindly note that our services can only be used to support research purposes (Not for clinical use).

BOC Sciences provides luminex bead labeled antibody services to customers worldwide to promote your research. Luminex bead labeled antibodies provided by us can be used for the quantitative detection of proteins in the cell culture supernatant, serum or plasma. Customers can freely combine and match according to the types of analytes available.


Luminex screening and performance analysis detect color-coded polystyrene or superparamagnetic microbeads coated with antibodies specific to the target analyte. First, microbeads that recognize different target analytes are mixed and incubated with the test sample. After the microbeads capture the analyte, they are recognized by multiple biotin-labeled specific detection antibody mixtures, and then combined with streptavidin-PE fluorescein for detection. Luminex bead labeled antibody was used for detection, and the results reached similar levels to ELISA in terms of accuracy, precision, and sensitivity. This method can greatly reduce the consumption of biological samples when measuring multiple target molecules, save costs and measurement time, and make the analysis of correlations between multiple target molecules more accurate.


  • Luminex bead labeled antibodies play an important role in scientific research, clinical and pharmaceutical industries, and can be widely used in clinical and multi-disciplinary research fields.
  • In basic experiments, Luminex bead labeled antibodies can be used for protein expression analysis, antibody affinity analysis, and protein-protein interaction analysis.
  • By inhibiting functional enzymes (such as kinases and proteases), high-throughput screening of candidate drug molecules is possible. Kinase selection tests can screen drug candidates for multiple kinases.
  • Luminex bead labeled antibodies can be used for serum analysis in animal and human clinical trials.

Our advantages

  • Simultaneously analyze multiple targets within one reaction
  • Quick and easy operation
  • Good stability and repeatability between batches
  • Cost savings and time
  • The experience and ability of a dedicated team
  • Data analysis, detailed report with results and discussion.

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Luminex Bead Labeled Antibody

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