Stable Isotope Labeling of Peptides

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At BOC Sciences, we annually synthesize thousands of peptides with stable isotope labels. BOC Sciences can provide custom peptides labeled with stable isotopes including 2H (deuterium), 15N, 13C, or a combination of 15N and 13C.


With the more and more extensive and in-depth application of peptides in the field of biomedicine, the demand for labeled and modified peptides is more and more, and the quality demand is higher and higher. Stable isotope marker is a typical one. Stable isotope labeling can realize the study of the metabolic pathway of peptides, and can track the changes of the position and quantity of polypeptides containing isotope markers in vivo or in vitro at any time. Isotope labeling has the advantages of high sensitivity, simple location and accurate quantification, so isotope modification has been paid more and more attention in the fields of medicine and biochemistry.


Stable isotope labeled peptides have been widely used in (NMR) spectroscopy and mass spectrometry (MS) as well as reference materials for pharmacokinetic analysis and metabolite identification. 13C and 15N labeled peptides are suitable for NMR to study the protein structure, kinetics and molecular interaction of biomolecules. Other applications include protein structure analysis, protein expression monitoring, protein cross-linking analysis, quantitative proteomics, biomarker discovery, cell signal analysis and pathway verification.


  • Professional team
  • Excellent synthesis and purification technology
  • A rigorous work attitude
  • Stringent quality requirements
  • Quality assurance: HPLC chromatogram and Mass spec analysis
  • Provide quality service at the microgram, milligram to kilogram level
  • We can meet customers' different purity requirements for isotope-labeled peptides

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