Peptide Glycosylation

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BOC Sciences's customized carbohydrate bio-binding service includes experimental design and the development of customer-required solutions and procedures for the preparation of conjugates. Over the past two decades, we have accumulated a portfolio of products that modify and combine carbohydrates into many other small or large molecules. With the comprehensive advanced platform, BOC Sciences provides global clients with peptide glycosylation services to promote your research.


Glycosylation is a process in which sugars are added to proteins or lipids under the control of enzymes, which occurs in the endoplasmic reticulum. Under the action of glycosyltransferase, sugars are transferred to the peptides and form glycoside bonds with the amino acid residues on the peptides. Many of them are glycosylated to form glycopeptides. Glycosylation is an important modification, which can regulate the function of polypeptides.


  • Regulate the physical and chemical properties of peptide drugs and improve their absorption through biofilms.
  • Glycosylated peptides can target specific organs.
  • Enhance biological distribution in tissue.
  • Improve permeability through biofilm.
  • Increase metabolic stability and decrease clearance and receptor binding.
  • Protect the side chains of amino acids from oxidation and maintain and stabilize the physical properties of peptides.


  • Development of therapeutic peptides using different glycosylation strategies
  • Advanced instruments and equipment
  • High product yield and purity
  • Strict validation and characterization
  • Superior technical support: assist client from design to delivery
  • Scale-up production up to kilograms
  • Data analysis, detailed report with results and discussion.

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Project Workflow

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