PEG Conjugated Protein

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PEGylation is broadly used to enhance the pharmacokinetic properties of protein drugs. BOC Sciences aims to provide global clients with PEG-protein conjugation service to support your research. As a pioneering service provider in drug discovery and research, BOC Sciences is absolutely competent and devoted to providing one-stop PEG-protein services.


Early PEGylation efforts involved non-specific modification of protein side-chains with reactive PEG electrophiles; more recent developments have provided many useful strategies for site-specific PEG-protein conjugation. Site-specific PEGylation is an important strategy for enhancing the pharmacokinetic properties of protein drugs, and has been enabled by the recent development of many chemoselective reactions for protein side-chain modification. By conjugation of PEG to protein, some proteins' properties, for example hydrophobicity, change significantly. The decrease of hydrophobicity benefits protein performance in some applications, especially in drug delivery where PEG conjugation opens up the possibility of accessing desirable properties such as an increased stability due to conjugation, solubility, bioavailability, half-life, decreased immunogenicity, and many more.

The technique of PEGylation of protein includes amino group modification, thiol modification and enzymatic modification. Amino conjugation is so far the most common modification and often the first approach in research. The evolution of PEGylation chemistry now allows site-specific amino modification, thus helping the purification and the characterization procedures, and even better preservation of the native protein activity in the conjugate.

Several protein drugs (Oncaspar®, Adagen®, Pegasys® etc) are significantly improved by exploiting the advantages of PEGylation and leading to derivatives that are useful for therapy. In general, the improvements are an increased retention time in the body, a reduction of immunogenicity and increased stability towards metabolic enzymes.


PEG-protein conjugates have long been used in several areas of biotechnology. Indeed, several therapeutic proteins conjugated to PEG have been safely administered in the clinic. Apart from drug delivery, PEG-protein conjugates are also applied for purification of proteins in affinity partitioning in aqueous two-phase systems.

PEG Conjugated Protein

Amino acids and sites in a protein that can be modified by PEGylation. doi:10.1016/j.jconrel.2011.10.037

Our Advantages

  • PEGylation can be site specific.
  • PEGylation doesn’t influence the pharmacological activity of the target protein
  • Protein conformational stability can be maintained after PEGylation
  • Strict monitoring process with HPLC and MS analyses in every development cycle
  • Superior technical support: assist client from design to delivery
  • Data analysis, detailed report with results and discussion

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PEG Conjugated Protein

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