Gold Nanoparticles labeled Antibody

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The gold nanoparticles provided by BOC Sciences have high efficiency and sensitivity in applications in the fields of chemistry, biological analysis, biomedicine, optics and nanotechnology. With a comprehensive advanced platform, BOC Sciences provides gold nanoparticles labeled antibody services to customers worldwide to promote your research.


Because spherical gold nanoparticles have a strong adsorption function for proteins, they can be non-covalently bound to immunoglobulins, bovine serum albumin, various antibodies, etc., and thus become very useful tools in basic research and experiments. Gold nanoparticles labeled Antibody is basically prepared by using antibodies at their isoelectric point, which can be easily adsorbed on the surface of the nanoparticle under the action of electrostatic force, and incubating them with a high concentration of antibody and gold nanoparticle solution. There are also covalent strategies to link the mediator linker or the antibody directly to the surface of the gold nanoparticles through the antibiotic protein system.


  • Gold nanoparticles labeled antibody can be used as a microscope tracer. Utilizing the high electron density of nano-gold, particles can be clearly distinguished under the electron microscope. As tracers in transmission electron microscopy (TEM), scanning electron microscopy (sEM) and fluorescence microscopy, they have been widely used in electron microscopy immunohistochemistry and histochemistry.
  • Gold nanoparticles labeled antibody can be used in a variety of experiments, such as: flow cytometry, dot immunogold staining technology, western blotting technology, dot gold immunodiafiltration technology, biosensors, biochips, etc.

Our Services

Here are the Gold Nanoparticles labeled Antibodies (include but not limited to the following):

  • Customized special antibodies (5-15nm type antibodies) according to user needs
  • Gold Nanoparticles Goat Anti-Human IgG Function
  • Gold Nanoparticles Goat Anti-Mouse IgG Function
  • Gold Nanoparticles Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG Function

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  • Nano reagents are the most complete
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Gold Nanoparticles labeled Antibody

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