Antibody-Antibiotic Conjugation

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BOC Sciences is a mature provider of antibody and ADC related services. In the past decade, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in antibody engineering, linker design, and pharmacological evaluation. Now, BOC Sciences's scientific team has been supporting customers at the forefront of antibody antibiotic conjugate development and will apply first-hand expertise to your unique project needs.


Antibodies are an effective part of the immune system. For bacterial infections, antibodies provide omnidirectional protection to host cells at almost every stage of the pathogenesis. Studies have found that an antibody-antibiotic conjugate (AAC), which combines the key properties of antibodies and antibiotics, has been shown to be effective against Staphylococcus aureus infection. Preclinical trials showed that AAC was much better in scavenging Staphylococcus aureus in infected mice than standard vancomycin (antibiotics). AAC has three components: the bactericidal antibiotic payload, the antibody that targets the delivery of the payload to the bacteria, and the linker that attaches the payload to the antibody. The three components in AAC are all playing pivotal roles in determining overall selectivity and specificity, degree of safety and mode of action.


In the face of rising antibiotic resistance and innovative gaps in the discovery of new antibiotics, the development of AAC provides an exciting opportunity for new treatments for infectious diseases by combining the pharmacological properties of antibodies and antibiotics into a single molecule. AAC may provide effective antibacterial compounds that may not be suitable as unbound drugs, such as poor pharmacokinetics or low therapeutic index. Finally, where the poor efficacy of antibiotics and disease recurrence are related to the ability of a variety of bacterial pathogens to survive in host cells, AAC can be used to improve the efficacy of antibiotics against these infectious diseases.

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  • Performed by trained professionals
  • State-of-the-art analytical equipment
  • Evidence of successful conjugation provided
  • Our well-established drug discovery and antibody engineering platforms
  • High levels of antibody and antibiotic recovery so you save precious reagents
  • Strict quality control process to assure customers' complete satisfaction.

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Antibody-Antibiotic Conjugation

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