Small Molecule Ligand-Drug Conjugation

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BOC Sciences provides a full spectrum of high quality, custom bioconjugation reagent systems as well as custom synthesis and functionalized biomolecules ready to be cross-linked. As a leading service provider focused on drug development, BOC Sciences’s contract drug development program offer a comprehensive Small Molecule Ligand-Drug conjugation strategies that can be custom designed and developed to fit your needs.


Small molecular drug couplings or SMDC have three modules: targeted ligands, linkers, and drug payloads. Targeted ligands are composed of low molecular weight and high affinity ligands precisely linked to effective drugs. The conjugation is designed to be stable in the bloodstream and then release active drugs from targeted ligands when SMDC is absorbed by diseased cells. The drug payload is a highly active molecule that is too toxic to be administered in a non-targeted form at the therapeutic dose level. This modular approach allows for the use of different targeting ligands, connector systems, and drug payloads, and the generation of SMDC for different diseases.


Targeted therapy has become an effective strategy for precision medicine to improve cancer treatment. Selective improvement has been popular in modern oncology due to the reduction of side effects in conventional cancer chemotherapy. The use of antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) is a robust strategy for targeted therapy. Compared with ADC, small molecular drug conjugate (SMDC) provides a new and unestablished point of view for targeted delivery. Nevertheless, SMDC has the following advantages: 1) non-immunogenicity, 2) easier to control synthesis, 3) lower molecular weight, which gives solid tumors high potential for good cell penetration. Therefore, SMDC may be a promising alternative. SMDC, is currently being developed for the treatment of cancer, inflammatory and kidney diseases, as well as concomitant imaging agents produced by replacing effective drugs with imaging agents.


  • Drug substance characterization
  • Advanced equipment and technique
  • Experienced scientific team
  • Highly reliable and reproducible result
  • Quality one-stop service
  • Full Spectrum of Modification and Activation Services
  • Data analysis, detailed report with results and discussion.

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Small Molecule Ligand-Drug Conjugation

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