Enzyme Labeling of Peptides

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BOC Sciences offers custom peptide-enzyme coupling and modification services, as well as services such as experimental method development and testing for our customers. Our strengths in enzymatic engineering and peptide manufacturing will provide you with a specialized peptide-enzyme conjugate custom synthesis services, customizing proprietary peptide-enzyme conjugate products using different coupling methods.


Reporter enzyme binding probes have been widely used in many different experimental applications because of their ability to bind to many different kinds of macromolecules and the availability and variability of substrates. Enzymes are most commonly used for the detection of proteins, through direct and indirect antibody detection strategies or as nucleic acid hybridization probes for sensitive analysis of the required detection methods. Although significant progress has been made in the detection of fluorescence and luminescent labelling enzymes remain the most sensitive reporting group. For most applications, direct enzyme labeling provides the best overall performance, with the highest sensitivity, the least background and rapid detection. Enzymes such as horseradish peroxidase (HRP) or alkaline phosphatase (ALP) can bind to peptides and act as signaling molecules in a variety of applications.


  • The availability of new peptide-enzyme conjugates broadens the applicability of synthetic peptides in several detection systems.
  • Synthetic peptide-alkaline phosphatase conjugates, which was developed with alkaline phosphatase (AP) as the detector enzyme, permits epitope-specific analysis of antibody responses in experimentally or clinically derived lymphoid tissue.
  • Detecting the epitope specificity of antibody-forming cells in vivo by immunocytochemistry.

Our Advantages

  • Nearly 1:1 ratio of enzyme to interested target
  • All reactions are in aqueous media, yielding high conjugation efficiency
  • Optimized sample preparation and conjugation
  • High product yield and purity
  • Strict validation and characterization
  • Scale-up production up to kilograms
  • Analytical HPLC and MS analyses are performed in every development cycle.
  • Data analysis, detailed report with results and discussion.

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Project Workflow

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