PEG Conjugated Oligonucleotide

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BOC Sciences is a leading supplier of PEGylation reagents, with a full range of PEG derivatives, including: NHS-PEG, maleimide PEG, thiol PEG, amino PEG, azide PEG, DSPE PEG, fluorescent PEG, etc. Provide products and services to our customers. With a comprehensive advanced platform, BOC Sciences provides PEG conjugated Oligonucleotide services to customers worldwide to promote your research.


Oligonucleotide drugs include DNA, CpGDNA, and interfering RNA, which have been widely proven to have gene knockout, improve immunity, and treat tumors. However, due to the short half-life of the oligonucleotide drugs in the body, the structure is susceptible to damage by various enzymes, which reduces the drug efficacy, thereby limiting its clinical use. PEG modification can solve the problem of such drugs. In the study of antisense DNA, it was found that the in vivo half-life of antisense DNA modified by PEG with a phosphorothioate bond as the backbone (PSODN) is extended, which is ten times that of ordinary PSODN. PEG can form a three-dimensional protective film in water, wrapped around the surface of nucleoside drugs, shielding the surface negative charges, which is beneficial for the uptake of nucleoside drugs by the corresponding cells and improves the effect.

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  • Provide different types of PEG for conjugation
  • Screening studies to optimize conditions for oligonucleotide PEGylation
  • PEGylation screening and characterization of conjugates
  • Pilot production of PEG conjugated Oligonucleotide

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  • Deep knowledge and rich experience in PEGylation
  • Patented reagents and processes for PEGylation
  • Advanced equipment and technique
  • Highly reliable and reproducible result
  • Data analysis, detailed report with results and discussion
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  • Cost-effective

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PEG conjugated Oligonucleotide

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