Fluorescence Labeling

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As a leading service provider in the field of drug discovery and research, BOC Sciences is fully competent and dedicated to serving one-stop labeling services which can be used in various detection and assay systems. With the comprehensive advanced platform, BOC Sciences provides fluorescence labeling service to promote your research.

Introduction of Fluorescence Labeling

Fluorophore is fluorescent chemical compounds that are highly conjugated and can re-emit fluorescence upon light excitation. Fluorophore can be used alone as a tracer, a probe or a substrate for enzyme. While covalently bonding with macromolecules, it serves as a marker and help quantification and tracking of the biomolecules by fluorescent imaging. The non-constructive nature and high sensitivity of fluorescence technique makes fluorescent labeling one of the most advantageous method to track biomolecules in many ways.

A good fluorescent probe is usually small in size, chemically stable and not reactive to the biomolecules. The labeling should be efficient and adaptable to the target molecule establishing a covalent linkage between the probes and a specific residue in the target molecules.

There are several ways of labeling, including chemically synthesis, enzymatic reactions, and via tags. BOC Sciences is experienced with all kinds of labeling methods and can help with linkage design.


Fluorescent labeling scheme: a schematic diagram showing the labeling between a biomolecule (green) linked to a tag (light blue) and a fluorophore (navy blue)

A general list of most commonly used fluorescent methods:

Fluorescent Methods
NHS ester-AmineSortaseHistidine
Alkyl Halide-HydroxyInteinLanthanide
Isocyanate-HydroxyLipoic Acid LigaseCLIP
Tetrazine-Alkene/AlkyeneBiotin LigaseHalo
 Myristoyl TransferaseSNAP
  Fluorescent Proteins (Genetically Tagged)

Application of Fluorescence Labeling

  • By fluorescent labeling of biomolecules, researchers can use accurate and sensitive methods, such as imaging, flow cytometry, western blotting and so on, to detect the specific components of complex biological complexes.
  • Using this fluorescent protein marker, we can study the expression of target genes, protein transport and various intracellular dynamic biochemical signaling pathways.
  • Studying the longevity of proteins by using a hybrid system constructed with genetically modified small molecular organic fluorescent markers.
  • If combined with electron microscope technology and rapid photo inactivation can also be used to study the localization of proteins.

Our Services

  • We provide full-spectrum fluorescent compounds and fluorescent labeling services to label antibodies, proteins, peptides, ligands, synthetic oligonucleotides and other biomolecules.
  • We will estimate the required fluorescent dye quantity according to the sample quantity of the marking required by the customer, provide the quotation, after obtaining the customer approval to sign the contract, the customer will send the sample to our company.
  • Each labeled probe service is carefully monitored according to our strict quality assurance and quality control standards to optimize the ratio of labels to biomolecules.

Our Advantages of our Fluorescence Labeling service

  • Advanced equipment and technique
  • Experienced scientific team
  • The advanced Fluorescence Labeling platform
  • Highly reliable and reproducible result
  • Quality one-stop service.
  • Cost-effective
  • In general, the marking service can be completed within a week
  • Send the labeled and purified samples to the customer, according to customer requirements can provide
  • Data analysis, detailed report with results and discussion: F/P value, UV or fluorescence analysis report

Project Workflow


Our molecular marking services include experimental design, protocol and program development for the preparation of conjugates for a variety of detection and analysis systems. With novel technology platform and professional scientist team, BOC Sciences offers clients a wide range of Fluorescence labeling services, and we promise to provide customized solutions to meet each customer's unique requirements. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

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