Silver Nanoparticles Labeled Antibody

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Silver nanomaterials are currently used in a variety of biological applications because of their unique physical, chemical and optical properties. With a comprehensive advanced platform, BOC Sciences provides silver nanoparticles labeled antibody services to customers worldwide to promote your research.


Silver nanoparticles have extraordinary efficiency in absorbing and scattering light and can be used for labeling and imaging. The high scattering cross-section of nanoparticles allows individual silver nanoparticles to be imaged under a dark-field microscope or hyperspectral imaging system. By coupling antibodies to their surfaces, silver nanoparticles can target specific cells or cellular components. The attachment of targeted molecules to the surface can be accomplished by adsorption on the surface of nanoparticles, covalent coupling or physical adsorption. Physical adsorption usually uses silver nanoparticles with easy-to-replace capping agents such as citrate. The antibody conjugates of silver nanoparticles with high affinity and low non-specific background can be obtained by adjusting the concentration of pH and salt.


The unique optical properties and extensive antibacterial properties of silver nanoparticles lead to a rapid increase in the application of silver nanoparticles in biology. Using ethyl (dimethylaminopropyl) carbodiimide (EDC) conjugation, the carboxylic acid can covalently connect with the free amine on the antibody to produce targeted silver nanoparticle probes, which play a role in nucleic acid analysis, immunoassay, single cell analysis and targeted drug carriers.

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Silver Nanoparticles Labeled Antibody

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