Gold Nanoparticles labeled DNA

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The gold nanoparticles provided by BOC Sciences have high efficiency and sensitivity in applications in the fields of chemistry, biological analysis, biomedicine, optics and nanotechnology. With a comprehensive advanced platform, BOC Sciences provides gold nanoparticles labeled DNA services to customers worldwide to promote your research.


Because gold nanoparticles have the properties of surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy, in the construction of DNA analysis and detection, they have the advantage of being able to convert a biometric reaction into an amplified optical or electrical signal. Therefore, the combination of nano-gold and DNA is used to detect the bases, single strands and oligonucleotides of DNA. Using nanoparticles as tags to detect DNA is an interesting alternative to standard fluorescence techniques. This method has simple detection equipment, high stability and low cost.


Gold nanoparticles labeled DNA can simply and effectively detect DNA sequences, and based on the detection of DNA hybridization, it can provide new methods for the diagnosis and screening of pathogenic diseases. Gold nanoparticles labeled DNA can be applied to DNA chips. Molecular hybridization of DNA samples with probes of known sequence or structure allows rapid determination of biological molecules. Detection of multiple genetic diseases at once is also particularly suitable for early detection of complex diseases such as cancer.

Our Services

  • Gold nanoparticles labeled DNA for tumor diagnosis
  • Bioprobe-related gold nanoparticles labeled DNA
  • Biomarker-related gold nanoparticles labeled DNA
  • Gold nanoparticles labeled DNA for optical and electrochemical sensors
  • Gold nanoparticles labeled DNA as a drug carrier

Our advantages

  • Unique expertise in bioconjugation chemistries
  • Stable and reliable product quality
  • More flexible product packaging
  • Excellent one-stop service
  • Stable and reproducible
  • Optimized to meet you sensitivity specifications
  • Small scale to bulk manufacturing
  • Cost-Effectiveness and High Efficiency.

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Gold Nanoparticles labeled DNA

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