PEG Conjugated Carbohydrate

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BOC Sciences aims to provide global clients with PEG-carbohydrate conjugation service to support your research. As a pioneering service provider in drug discovery and research, BOC Sciences is abosultely competent and devoted to providing one-stop PEG-carbohydrate services.


Carbohydrates are now recognized as playing an important role in host-pathogen interactions in protozoal, bacterial and viral infections and are consequently candidates for chemotherapy. The short in vivo half-life of low molecular weight glycans hampered their use but methods for the covalent attachment of PEG have been exploited. PEGylation of carbohydrates show improvement of some properties such as bioavailability of drugs, in particular enzyme inhibitors, or creation of polymers with encapsulating properties for drugs.


GlycoPEGylation, targeting carbohydrate sites, was conceived to produce a more homogeneous product with lower steric effects. The strategy is based on the finding that certain PEGylated nucleotide-sugars are effectively transferred to a glycan acceptor by the corresponding glycosyltransferase. The covalent conjugation of PEG to the carbohydrate moiety of a protein has been mainly used to enhance the pharmacokinetic properties of the attached protein while yielding a more defined product.

Our Services

  • PEG-galactose conjugates
  • PEG-mannose conjugates
  • PEG-chitosan conjugates
  • PEG-Fructans conjugates

Our Advantages

  • Site-directed PEGylation.
  • Multiarm PEGylation with more available sites for glycan linking.
  • Advanced equipment and technique with highly reliable and reproducible result.
  • Cost-effective and timesaving.
  • Strict monitoring process with HPLC and MS analyses

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PEG Conjugated Carbohydrate

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