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As a leading service provider in the field of drug discovery and research, we provide research solutions according to the individual needs of our customers, because we always provide specific step-by-step research solutions to meet your exact needs. BOC Sciences currently provide a majority of chemical crosslinking services.


Cross-linking agents are widely used to modify nucleic acids, drugs and polymers. The same principle applies to protein modification and labeling. Based on factors such as reactivity and spacer length, the reagents used for cross-linking are divided into different types, each with its own specific functions and applications. Chemical crosslinking is mainly formed by covalent bonds. The cross linker may be hydrophobic to allow access to the hydrophobic protein domain, either through the cell membrane, or hydrophilic, to limit cross-linking to the water chamber. CXMS, a chemical cross-linked peptide identification technique based on biological mass spectrometry, can provide rich experimental information for the study of protein folding and protein-protein interaction.


Protein-protein interactions are often difficult to detect and define. The introduction of selective and stable chemical bonds can establish a permanent relationship between molecules, otherwise these molecules will be temporarily associated. In the past few decades, the simplicity and reliability of cross-linking strategies have greatly helped researchers in protein research and engineering design.

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