Stable Isotope Labeling

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BOC Sciences provide you with a range of stable isotope products ranging from gases to complex molecules. Services include amino acids, carbohydrates, bioactive compounds and salts-all labeled with isotopes. These labeled products can be used in proteomics and metabolomics tracer studies, MRI / MRS preparations and a range of other applications.


Isotope labeling is a technique used to track isotopes (atoms with detectable neutron count changes) through reactions, metabolic pathways, or cellular channels. The reactant is "labeled" by replacing specific atoms with its isotopes. The reactant is then allowed to undergo the reaction. The position of isotopes in the product is measured to determine the sequence of isotope atoms in the reaction or the metabolic pathway of the cell. In isotope labeling, there are many methods to detect the existence of labeled isotopes. The difference of isotope mass was detected by mass spectrometry, while the difference of isotope vibration mode was detected by infrared spectrum. Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is used to detect atoms with different gyromagnetic ratios.

Application of Stable Isotope Labeling

  • In recent years, isotope labeling technology has many new developments on the original basis, such as double labeling and multi-labeling technology, activation analysis, electron microscope technology, isotope technology combined with other new technologies and so on.
  • As a result of the development of these technologies, biochemistry has changed from static to dynamic, from the cellular level to the molecular level, and a series of important problems have been clarified, such as genetic code, cell membrane receptor, RNA-DNA reverse transcription and so on.
  • It has opened up a new way for human beings to understand the basic phenomena of life.

Our Services

  • We can provide customized molecules labeled with stable isotopes including 2H, 15N & 13C, respectively, or a combination of 15N & 13C, etc.
  • Design & synthesis of your molecules with expected mass difference by applying specific stable isotope-labeled.
  • Isotope labelled molecules analysis
  • Select of radioisotope dose
  • Select the way in which the marker is given.
  • Preparation of radioactive biological samples.
  • Measurement of radioactive samples

Our Advantages

  • Easy and efficient quantification of the products by MS assay
  • Free of radioactive hazard
  • Quick analysis of biological samples with swift preparation proposals
  • Corresponding cost-effective analytical services are also available
  • Data analysis, detailed report with results and discussion
  • Quality one-stop service

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Project Workflow

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