Biotin Labeled Nucleotides

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As a leading service provider in the field of drug discovery and research, BOC Sciences is fully competent and dedicated to serving one-stop molecule labeling services which has be used in various detection and assay system. With the comprehensive advanced platform, BOC Sciences provides global clients with biotin labeled nucleotides services to promote your research.


Biotin labelled nucleotides, which is a compound linked to nucleotides by the carboxyl site of biotin. If the nucleic acid can be labeled with biotin by enzymatic reaction, the biotin-avidin protein system can be used for tracer detection. Biotin derivatives with long arms, such as N-succinimide biotin esters, are commonly linked to nucleotides to eliminate steric hindrance. Labeled nucleotides can be combined into DNA or RNA fragments by methods such as notch translation, cDNA labeling, and 3T-terminal labeling.


  • Separation and purification of mRNA by BAS and magnetized Microsphere Technology.
  • Biotin labeled nucleotide probes are commonly used in Southern, Northern and in situ hybridization.
  • The probe allows fluorescence or chemiluminescence to detect specific nucleic acid sequences in cells and tissues (in situ hybridization) or electrophoretically separated fragments (north-south imprinting).

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  • Expert Project Management
  • Obtaining more stable biotin or streptavidin complex
  • Analytical HPLC and MS analyses are performed in every development cycle.
  • Guaranteed Quality: All samples are carefully monitored for stability and characterized to ensure batch to batch consistency.
  • Full spectrum of Modification and Activation Services
  • Cost-Effectiveness and High Efficiency

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