Magnetic Beads labeled Antibody

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BOC Sciences’s beads conjugate service provides different granularity to meet customer's goals. We will help you combine magnetic beads with antibodies according to your choice. The high binding ability of our magnetic beads promotes the binding of antibodies, enabling researchers to obtain highly concentrated antibodies for further application.


Magnetic beads are made of nano-sized iron oxide particles encapsulated or bonded with polymers. These magnetic beads range in size from 35 nm to 4.5 μ m, and the magnetic nanoparticles range in size from 5 nm to 50 nm. They exhibit a unique property called superparamagnetism in the presence of an external magnetic field. Magnetic immunoassay ((MIA)) is a new diagnostic immunoassay method, which uses magnetic beads as labeling instead of traditional enzyme (ELISA), radioisotope (RIA) or fluorescence part (fluorescence immunoassay) to detect specific analytes. MIA involves the specific binding of an antibody to its antigen, in which a magnetic tag is connected to an element in the antibody pair.


In most applications, magnetic ions are usually fixed by other compounds, such as chelating agents, to reduce their toxicity (metal ions can cause protein denaturation in the body). Chelated magnetic ion complexes enable them to further combine with functional biomaterials, including antibodies, to produce antibody-magnetic ion probes, which can enhance the imaging contrast of certain tissues/organs in the body that present the target antigen. and lead to a more effective diagnosis of specific diseases.

Our advantages

  • High binding capacity
  • Efficient antibody consumption
  • Minimized sample loss
  • Batch to batch reproducibility
  • Time-saving
  • Highly reliable and reproducible result
  • Data analysis, detailed report with results and discussion
  • Quality one-stop service
  • Cost-effective.

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Magnetic Beads labeled Antibody

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